July 2019: The Road Trip Begins, WiFi and camera system install, troubleshooting and designing networks

At the end of June and into July, we helped a winery in NJ fix some major performance problems with their Ubiquiti network. This included replacing a PtP wireless link between buildings, sorting our channel management issues, and implementing a guest portal.

We started the month with a road trip. When finished in September, we will have toured 26 states (give or take), 9,500 miles, crossing every time zone. Started the tour with 4 projects. Picked up three more along the way.

First major project is in Naples Florida. Installing a WiFi and camera system consisting of 16 Ubiquiti cameras (indoors and out), 19 Ubiquiti wireless access points. Plus three switches (1 MDF and 2 IDFs), Meraki security appliance, and building custom mounts for the APs. So far it has been a good success. Going live in 2 days. Then convert them into one of our managed services customers.

Handling some other small projects remotely. Fixed a residential Ubiqiuti network suffering performance issues today. Scheduled to configure about 15 Ubiquiti switches early this coming week as we move to our next destination (Phoenix AZ). Also designing a camera system for another residential client.