November 2021: Lots of WiFi troubleshooting and design, installs, and ongoing WISP buildouts

Only one road trip this month to Austin TX to do an install of a Ubiquiti network we designed. Coverage tests after install show the design was spot on. Conducted some troubleshooting surveys for another client at a few locations. Rest of the month was spent working on deliverables for the surveys and ordering supplies for some of our WISP buildouts.

October 2021: Upgrade a client, some WiFI surveys, emergency tower rebuild

Ran to Florida to upgrade a client to a new network video recorder and controller, as well as do some yearly maintenance on a network we manage remotely.

Conducted two warehouse surveys. One was 450,000 sf and the other over 120,000 sf. Both will likely result in new designs.

Headed to Missouri to do a planned tower build and some site inspections. After being there a day, lightning struck the main tower and wiped it out. We switched gears and moved to emergency re-build mode. Took a full week but we managed with some very long days in weather that had turned on us.

September 2021: Brokered the sale of two of our WISPs, WiFi troubleshooting survey

Two of the WISPs we manage were sold to Wisper ISP out of Illinois. We brokered the sale and tagged along to assist with the transition efforts and to continue to manage the tower work and network expansion. Great new partnership working with Wisper.

Wrapped up the month with a quick WIFi survey in Washington DC. Will be doing some other facilities for this client in the near future.

August 2021: New client for a WiFi troubleshooting survey, WISP review for buyer

Conducted a trouble shooting survey for a new client that was about to start back up with in-office work. Turned out they needed a new design all-together. Worked on that as well.

On the way back to the office, stopped at a great WISP in the south that was looking to sell. Conducted an inspection and fact finding for the buyer. What a well, designed and run WISP. Nice too see! Here’s to hoping they can agree on terms.

July 2021: Network assessment, wireless link assessment, network repairs

Spent two weeks in Gerlach NV in the Black Rock Desert. Conducted a network assessment, climbed a few mountains looking for suitable relay sites for long links (80 miles to be exact!), and did some network repairs while here. Put up some new 60GHz radios and improved service in a few areas with some better alignments, new cables, and general cleaning up of a network in a very remote area.

June 2021: New client – The Burning Man Project

We have been working with The Burning Man Project in the past to provide resources to help with building the network to support the event in the Black Rock Desert. This summer we took it to a new level and signed on as their network and wireless consulting firm. We will be providing daily operational support to the Gerlach NV area offices and properties as well as the yearly event.

May 2021: Beach house, WISP design, build out a tower

Started the month off with fixing a residential install in a beach house. It was a poor design by a poor installer. Most APs were barely installed on the ceiling. Outdoor APs were upside down or sideways allowing water in. Corrected these issues and made sure everything was good to go for them.

Started working on another design for a WISP in the south.

Finished up the month working on a tower in the mid-west with a great tower crew. Got some backhauls and sectors up. Basic service until we had more crew available to help with the rest.

April 2021: School WiFi design, tower inspections, new WISP market surveys

Busy month. Started with a design for a private school getting ready to start back up. Typical 1940’s or 50’s design – concrete walls everywhere!

Conducted a number of tower inspections for our WISPs while in transit to other projects.

Conducted market surveys in multiple states for new WISPs that want to start up. Put some miles on the vehicle driving out west past the Rockies.

March 2021: Tower build and WiFi troubleshooting in a school

Working with one of our WISP clients, we started building out a new tower for them. Nice 255ft mounting area, plans to put up two backhaul links and six sectors. Plus pull plenty of cable for future growth. Managed to get part of the work completed before weather shut us down. Will work on rescheduling when weather and crew schedules coincide!

While the tower was being worked on, one of our wireless technicians conducted a troubleshooting survey in a large school and worked with our wireless engineer (on the tower site) to sort out the issues. Over the next few weeks with some adjustments, we were able to help them get their wireless network in order and working the way they intended. Basic channel and power management to avoid interference.

January 2021: New WISP client and a small private school needing help

Providing support for a small WISP in Oregon that is converting to fiber. Ad hoc support to help them through issues, network analysis to see what needs to be done long term to make it to the fiber conversion (2-3 years away).

The small school is an old client. We installed a wireless network for them in 2014. It has served their needs all this time and has proved to be very reliable (Ubiquiti). Installed a few new APs, sorted out where to move some to account for changes in their needs. Started plan for replacement when time comes in a year or so.