EMS/Fire Continuing Education Courses

EMS Logo 07We are a certified EMS continuing education sponsor for the PA Department of Health and we can present a variety of continuing education courses. We will handle all of the paperwork including applying for the continuing education credits. All you need to provide is a place to conduct the class and the students!

The list below is not everything we can offer. If you need a special program covered, we can put together a course to cover it. Just ask – anything on the national standard curriculum for EMR or EMTs is open for discussion.  Our primary instructor, Alex Wilson, has presented at several local, state, regional, and international conferences.

  • Street Drugs – Current Trends*
  • Tower Safety & Rescue Awareness
  • I’ve fallen, and I can’t get down: Suspension Trauma*
  • NAEMT EMS Safety
  • BLS Airway Management
  • BLS Burn Management
  • Medical Assessment
  • Trauma Assessment
  • Pediatric Assessment
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Traction Splinting
  • EpiPen Administration
  • Vitals Are Vital*
  • High Performance CPR (Science and Pit Crew)
  • BLS CPAP Administration
  •  Managing Complex Limb Entrapments*
  • START Triage
  • Pulse Oximetry

Feel free to check out our schedule of currently running classes. If you don’t find what you need, get in touch with us to schedule something or to discuss a custom program.

* = Programs that we have presented at local, state, regional, or international conferences in the past or near future.