Connecting to the WorldWith over 28 years in the Information Technology sector, Alex Wilson is capable of providing a number of services. His experience spreads over many different industries and clients of a variety of sizes. His past clients include government agencies, major financial institutions, accounting and consulting firms, manufacturers, healthcare institutions, education, law firms, defense contractors, and many others. The services Alex can provide include:

WiFi survey, installation, performance tweaking
Do you have a WiFi network that is not covering what you want covered or slow to perform? Do you need to install a new network or expand one? We can conduct a comprehensive WiFi survey of your facility and plan out the proper placement of access points, handle installation and configuration of most brands of access points, or help you troubleshoot connectivity issues. We will also troubleshoot and certify existing LAN connections to ensure your wiring is not the source of the problems.

We use comprehensive WiFi survey tools such as Ekahau Site Survey to conduct our surveys and generate coverage maps. Ekahau is also great for predicting coverage for different types of access points. We use Fluke Cable IQ cable qualifiers to test and troubleshoot network wires. Metageek’s Wi-Spy and Device Finder help us locate and troubleshoot problems with interference and signal quality.

Some highlights of what we can do:

  • Long distance point-to-point connections (from hundreds of feet to over a hundred miles, provided you have line of sight)
  • Fiber speeds possible for point-to-point wireless connections between buildings
  • Locate sources of interference and work to mitigate them
  • Reliably predict coverage patterns for expansions or new networks
  • Ubiquiti certified engineers and reseller

IT Strategy Planning

Review existing IT plans, understand your business needs, develop multi-year IT plans based on your business plans. Help you maintain regulatory compliance.

IT Director / CTO level services
Oversee your IT operations as a part-time IT Director. Review technology needs and present reports on how new technologies can benefit your business.

Project Management
Do you have projects that are stuck? Do you need a fresh set of eyes managing the efforts? We use a methodology referred to as “Bare Knuckled Project Management.” This method is designed to give you more value for the project management dollars you spend. We don’t waste time on meetings that are not needed. We approach the project as a third party, not involved on either side and look for the most effective ways to operate. We roll up our sleeves and get to work on saving you money and time, and getting your projects back on track.

Experienced leading projects for systems implementation, networking, wireless/cellular, applications development, and training.

Business Process Analysis Consulting
Every business has processes. Sometimes our processes get mired in a “We have always done it this way” mentality. We can review your processes and look for ways to make them more efficient. We have many years of experience in many different industries and can pull from those experiences to help you find the best way to do things.

Communications tower work / climbing

Alex is a certified tower climber and can lead crews on decommissioning work, microwave installs, tower repairs, and more. Experienced with rigging, tower rescues, and is also a certified CPR and First Aid instructor. OSHA 10-hour certified.