Jan 2016: Surveying for potential fiber routes

Currently conducting survey work in the Doylestown, Pottstown, Reading, Ephrata, Lancaster, York, and Hanover area to select potential fiber routes to serve businesses in those areas. This is in support of a project that will bring a new fiber backbone from New York to Virginia by way of a more “inland” route through New Jersey, into Pennsylvania, down to Maryland, and then into Virginia, avoiding the traditional I-95 corridor.

These business routes are preliminary, targeting key employers in the above mentioned areas. Work consists of pre-planning the routes via mapping software with overlays of utility poles. Then the routes are driven to ensure the poles and businesses are where they say they are.

Jan 2016: Conducted two extensive WiFi surveys

In January we conducted two extensive WiFi surveys and system designs for a client in New York. One was in a building that covered over 150,000 square feet with large open areas, thick glass walls, exposed ceilings with large amounts of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical conduits exposed. The other was on a large estate the owned, with multiple buildings ranging in age from 40 to over 240 years old.

Both sites presented unique challenges to provide the level of coverage they desire. The estate requires outdoor coverage and for that we designed a base/remote system based on Ubiquiti products that will allow us to extend WiFi up to 9 miles (although we only need to go about a thousand feet). Speeds at this distance will exceed 450Mbps.

Sep 2015: Continuing support on a major WiFi design

Collabsion continues to provide support to BIG Wireless (York PA) and Comcast for their Outdoor WiFi program. Crews from Collabsion are helping to survey suitable sites for the outdoor WiFi units. In addition, Collabsion provides project management services to support the effort and conduct training, plant mapping, and field surveys as needed. This is a multi-year effort.

Since September 2014, crews from Collabsion have designed over 16,000 sites in areas such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, Albuquerque, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Philadelphia, Florida, Nashville, Memphis, Jackson, Little Rock, and many more.

Jan 2015: WiFi System Design and Install

Collabsion conducted a WiFi survey for a senior living facility spread out over five floors, two buildings, and covering over 300,000 square feet. Construction types varied throughout the facility. Using the results of the survey, we proposed a new WiFi system using 40 Ubiquiti UAP-Pro units. We were awarded the installation and recently completed this effort. Coverage expectations were exceeded in all areas.

Ubiquiti NetSpotFluke

Sep 2014: On going WiFi virtual survey work

The Collabsion team continues to support a major project to deploy WiFi to public areas on the Comcast cable system. Collabsion has two full time resources and ten part time subcontractors conducting virtual surveys, field surveys, and supporting the project in other ways.

Currently our resources are working on deployments in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, and Oregon. Previous deployments we worked on include Utah and California.

Sep 2014: WiFi Survey Completed

Alex conducted an extensive WiFi survey in a senior living facility. Multiple floors, over 250,000 square feet. From this survey, a proposal to provide coverage to the entire facility was developed.

The installation was awarded to Collabsion. This will be a Ubiquiti solution using multiple VLANs to segregate traffic and maintain appropriate security for HIPAA compliant data as well as resident traffic. Installation to occur in the October timeframe.

Aug 2014: Completed a WiFi install in a small school

We completed a survey and installation of 13 access points in a small private school. The goal was to cover the majority of the school with a system that allowed smooth handoff between hotspots but also maintain a reasonable budget.

We used Ubiquiti WiFi devices (AP-PRO) and Ubiquiti Tough Switches to supply PoE to the devices. Our electrician ran 13 home runs from the wiring closets and we installed the units to provide the coverage pattern sought.

2014 May: Tower Safety and Rescue Awareness Class Held

On May 31, 2014, we conducted a Tower Safety and Rescue Awareness class at West Hempfield Fire and Rescue in Lancaster County. Students spent over three hours learning about how the tower industry handles emergencies, RF safety, site safety, and then we conducted a site survey of an actual tower site to help bring it all together. A great time was had by all from the feedback received.


Alex demonstrating a climber’s full-body harness with a positioning assembly.IMG_1542






Alex pointing out the tower owner contact information and FCC registration data that is important to know when dealing with a site emergency.





Alex discussing some of the types of RF (radio frequency) danger present on this tower.

Added new tools for WiFi survey work

Collabsion just acquired a new Fluke Cable IQ cable qualifier to test network cables and conduct troubleshooting. We also acquired NetSpot as a tool to conduct WiFi surveys. This software tool runs on a Mac laptop and tests signal strength, interference, upload, and download speed, among other things. We use this tool to determine the best locations for hotspots.NetSpotFluke

New services: Virtual Assistant

Today we added a new line of services, led by Dawn Wilson, an experienced administrative assistant with over 20 years of experience. Check out the link above to find out more about what Dawn can do to help your business.