About Us

What does Collabsion mean? 

Many years ago we were sitting around the office trying to come up with a new name for the business. At the time, the focus of the business was Lotus Notes consulting. Lotus Notes was a “collaboration” tool for business. Alex had a strong “vision” for how Notes could change a business for the better.  Hence, Collaboration + Vision or COLLAB+SION was born.

Although he business focus has changed (we no longer do Lotus Notes work), we stuck with the name because finding a domain name these days is very tough, or extremely expensive (we missed out on a great investment in the mid-1990’s – buying up domain names!).


Profile Alex

Alex Wilson




  • Entered the information technology sector in 1989. Experienced as a project manager, CTO/IT Director level consultant, systems administrator, applications developer, technician, wireless engineer.
  • Entered emergency services in 2004. Part time EMT and instructor. Pro Board certified firefighter (Fire Instructor I level). Vehicle rescue technician.


Profile DawnDawn Wilson




  • Entered the field of office management / administrative assistance in 1988. Experienced assisting executives, small teams, multiple departments, and more. Experience includes dealing with HR matters, workers compensation, and health insurance.
  • Entered emergency services in 2004. Part time EMT and instructor. Has cross-training as an exterior firefighter and vehicle rescue technician.
  • Can provide office support services to clients that need a top-notch assistant.

If you have not guessed by now, we are a husband and wife team. We have been married since 1996 but have known each other since 1982. We have had great role models in our life, we believe in running an ethical business, and we bring a level of maturity and experience to this business you won’t find with others much younger.