Wireless networking is a critical part of many businesses yet it is often neglected or treated as an afterthought. It is not as simple as just throwing up some access points here and there. We approach wireless networking with proper engineering and a great understanding of RF.

Our go-to product for wireless networking is Ubiquiti. They provide a cost effective solution that is enterprise grade and very flexible. We work with other brands as well such as Cisco, Aerohive, Aruba, Meraki, Ruckus, and Mikrotik.

The services we offer include:

  • WiFi survey, design, and installation
  • Point-to-point and multi-point wireless networks
  • WISP support (engineering and design)
  • Tower site inspections

WiFi Surveys
Before you deploy a new WiFi network you should conduct a proper site survey in order to determine what your current RF environment looks like as well as to select the correct locations for the access points. A proper pre-design survey will ensure you don’t waste money running cables and hanging access points in places you don’t need them or putting in too many or too few. After the installation, you should complete a post-install survey to ensure everything is tuned properly and to adjust as needed.

We conduct our surveys using enterprise grade tools such as Ekahau Enterprise Site Survey and spectrum analyzers such as RF Explorer and WiSpy by Metageek. WiFi surveys are also useful for tuning an existing network and making modifications to improve service.

Our surveys are vendor neutral. If you have a vendor in mind, we can do the design to that vendor’s specifications. We prefer to conduct our surveys with onsite visits so we can inspect the layout and RF issues directly, but with good information (solid floor plans and an onsite contact that can give us construction details), we can do a fairly accurate predictive design.

To learn more about our survey methodology and why we are different from many others (and better), click here.


PTP and PTMP Wireless Networks
If you have a campus type setting or just need to connect a few remote buildings, we can design cost-effective point-to-point or multi-point networks. These can span distances as short as a few hundred feet apart to many miles apart (we have designed some that are over 13 miles apart). These networks offer speeds that can rival a fiber connection and will not break your budget.

WISP Support / Engineering
If you run a Wireless Internet Service Provider business or are considering purchasing one, we can assist. We can help with engineering and design of the network, configuration and installation of equipment, and helping you set up processes, marketing to clients, or finding the right staff to help in your day-to-day operations.

If you are considering purchasing an existing WISP, we can be retained to do a due-diligence review of their operations, network infrastructure, or conduct inspections on their tower assets (we have certified climbing crews and drones).