April 2019: Wireless Network Design, Predictive WiFi Design, WISP Design and WISP Support

Early in the month we designed a wireless network to WiFi and cameras into four parks in a small city. The design calls for a short point-to-point link form City Hall to a nearby radio tower. The radio tower has 2 sector antennas aimed across the city to cover the parks. At each park we will mount a radio, switch, WiFi access point, and security cameras. This is being designed as a managed wireless network solution based on Ubiquity AirMax, EdgeMax, UniFi, and UniFi Video. Digital Ocean is hosting our UNMS management server. Install to begin May.

Completed a predictive WiFi network design for a cold storage warehouse of over 200,000 square feet. Design based on architectural drawings and interviews with the various contractors to understand the various systems and construction methods used. Designed network based on using Meraki access points and switches. Temperatures in the facility are -20 degrees Fahrenheit so all switches in IDFs had to be placed in heated cabinets.

Started work on designing a new WISP on a remote island. Preliminary design awaiting approval and funding to go forward with a full design and rollout to serve over 600 homes and over 200 businesses in a very tourist heavy area. Current Internet service on the island is about 2Mbps down on a good day. Our design will ensure everyone can get at least 25Mbps down, with options for 50 and 100Mbps for high need customers. The design includes a short fiber buildout to reach the NOC, multiple towers, point-to-point and multipoint links, managed WiFi for internet customers, outdoor municipal WiFi in the business district with security cameras. Based on Ubiquiti AirMax, EdgeMax, UniFi, and UniFi Video with management services hosted on Digital Ocean.

We did some support for the WISP we manage, Nighthawk Networks. Designed two new tower sites and acquired the equipment for them. Created a few new links for camera systems deployed. Planning on migrating the main tower to a new site in May.