February 2019: WiFi Survey and Wireless Network Surveys

Conducted a WiFi site survey in a large ocean side luxury resort. Needed to design flawless WiFi to support a Vocera system as well as large gatherings. Completed design called for 200 Meraki access points inside and outside. Installing the new network starting later this spring.

We worked with a hospital this month designing a wireless replacement for their expensive MPLS network. We conducted a thorough site survey of their facilities. Our design called for a three site microwave ring. At each of the three hub sites, there would be a sector array on the building connecting to several offices to the network. Total of 10 remote sites and 3 hubs.

Our design was based on using Ubiquiti AirFiber, AirMax, EdgeMax, and for remote management, UniFi and UniFi Video.

The last part of the month we trekked up into the mountains of North East Pennsylvania, known as the Pocono Mountains. We were going there to design a wireless network to bring a large summer camp Internet service from 5 miles away and then distribute it around the camp.

Our design called for a 60-80ft tower at each end of the link in order to clear the foliage on the 5 mile link. At the ISP side of the link, we had to use a wireless relay link to reach the fiber connection. On the camp side of the network we had to distribute the service throughout the camp using a point-to-point and multipoint system to reach each area of camp. From there we would deploy a WiFi network throughout the building. This network linked 20 buildings.

The design was based on Ubiquiti AirMax, EdgeMax, UniFi, UniFi Video, and Rohn Towers. The plan is to implement this design in the next year.