May 2019: WiFi install, surveys, troubleshooting, designs

Busy month spent all over the East Coast. First up was a WiFI install in a small medical practice. Old system was failing (consumer grade and all end of life). Replaced with a simple Ubiquiti solution.

Next up was a WiFi site survey in a hospital in our backyard. Single floor under construction. Designed for Bluetooth support. Cisco solution.

The we ran up to Boston to troubleshoot a WiFi network in an office that was experiencing high levels of dropouts. Ruckus system that was end of life. Lots of interference in the area, some of it self-inflicted by the Ruckus controller (it was not handling auto channel settings very well). Out of 9 access points, 4 were on channel 5. After the survey we proposed some mitigations to buy them time until they could replace the system. We also provided a technically sound Meraki design for a new system.

From there we ran down to Rhode Island to do some work on a long-term project for a resort hotel. Located potential mounting locations for the over 200 access points we designed (Meraki). Scoped out the outdoor locations in more detail and built out a bill of materials to support those installs. This project will take from now until sometime early next spring as we work around their busy season.

Next we drove down to Naples Florida to do a WiFi design in a warehouse for a moving and storage company. Over 44,000 square feet. Designed a Meraki and Ubiquiti option. Client is going with the Ubiquiti option most likely. Full network design, access points, and security cameras.

While driving down to Naples, we also helped a client in England resolve some of their performance issues with their WiFi network. Nothing like holding a remote access session across the pond via cell phone while zinging down I-95 in rural Florida (I was not driving when I did this!).

In between the projects we attended a number of webinars and presentations on new technology. We spent some time upgrading our core network and working with new technology that is coming out soon. Spending some time writing up articles on wireless technology and performance tuning in my spare time.