December 2021: WISP builds, support, WiFi analysis, End of year wrap up

Continued to work on three different WISP builds plus providing support to two in transition to a new owner. Worked on a number of other wireless network projects and conducted some WiFi analysis for some warehouses with specific issues. End of the month we started a WISP related road trip… PA to CA and back making stops in TN, OK, NM, NV, AZ, CA.

Ended the year on an incredible upswing. Thank you to our many clients that made this such a great year. It is not always about the money either… yes, we have to pay the bills like everyone else, but the variety of work and the relationships we are building with our clients is the most rewarding aspect of what we do. It has been a challenging year with supply chain issues and dealing with shutdowns, changes in work patterns, resource availability. We do not see the supply chain problem really being resolved until 2023 with some partial clear up in 2022 if we are lucky.