Conference Slides

If you have attended a conference in the past where I presented, my slide decks are posted here. If you are interested in having me out to present on these or other topics, give me a call.  These are the most current slide decks I am working with and may not be the same as the conference you attended previously. I keep the information in these slides current.

These slides are likely more detailed than the conference presentation. Most of the time during a conference I am limited to an hour and therefore have to cut back on material. I try to keep the higher level of detail in the slides I post here.

I encourage you to access the speaker’s notes on the slides for all of the detail. The supporting comments are usually located there for each slide. With PowerPoint you can also print slides out with speaker’s notes. If you need help with this, drop me a line.

Conference feedback: If you would like to leave direct feedback about a presentation I have given in the past, please contact me. I am always open to constructive comments or ideas for expanding presentations. My email is