March 2022: WISP Work, Webinar, WiFi Design, WiFi Install

All throughout the month we continue to prepare three WISPs for deployment in the spring. Started working with a new WISP/FISP in Canada to help them design a good network and grow their potential market. Reviewing one WISP for sale to see if a client might be interested in them.

Conducted a webinar early in the month on WiFi troubleshooting and design. Great turn out with over 40 attending.

Did a design survey for a new client (financial institution). Delivered a Meraki WiFi 6 design for them to consider.

Started a mentoring program to teach a client how to install their new camp ground wireless network. Will work with them from time to time to teach them how to self-support their network and install as they are able.

February 2022: Broadband Feasibility Study, WISP Work, Taxes

Completed corporate taxes in record time this year. Such joyous fun!

Finished up a Broadband Feasibility Study for a rural community in NW Arkansas. Looked at options they have to get better Internet to serve their residents. This country needs reliable fiber infrastructure and needs to level the rules that favor the big behemoth companies that refuse to deliver (you know who you are!). Give more support to the small wireless and fiber providers out there that are actually interested in serving their communities.

In between writing up the study and waiting for call backs from various vendors involved, worked on preparing some WISPs for deployment this spring.

January 2022: WISP Work and a Road Trip

Started the year off with a road trip from Pennsylvania to California, down the coast from San Francisco to San Diego, out across the Mohave Desert to Albuquerque NM for some WISP site surveys. Then back to PA. Lots of meetings along the way. Presented a webinar on wireless troubleshooting. Did prepared a number of networks to be built remotely for the new WISPs we are building.

December 2021: WISP builds, support, WiFi analysis, End of year wrap up

Continued to work on three different WISP builds plus providing support to two in transition to a new owner. Worked on a number of other wireless network projects and conducted some WiFi analysis for some warehouses with specific issues. End of the month we started a WISP related road trip… PA to CA and back making stops in TN, OK, NM, NV, AZ, CA.

Ended the year on an incredible upswing. Thank you to our many clients that made this such a great year. It is not always about the money either… yes, we have to pay the bills like everyone else, but the variety of work and the relationships we are building with our clients is the most rewarding aspect of what we do. It has been a challenging year with supply chain issues and dealing with shutdowns, changes in work patterns, resource availability. We do not see the supply chain problem really being resolved until 2023 with some partial clear up in 2022 if we are lucky.

November 2021: Lots of WiFi troubleshooting and design, installs, and ongoing WISP buildouts

Only one road trip this month to Austin TX to do an install of a Ubiquiti network we designed. Coverage tests after install show the design was spot on. Conducted some troubleshooting surveys for another client at a few locations. Rest of the month was spent working on deliverables for the surveys and ordering supplies for some of our WISP buildouts.

October 2021: Upgrade a client, some WiFI surveys, emergency tower rebuild

Ran to Florida to upgrade a client to a new network video recorder and controller, as well as do some yearly maintenance on a network we manage remotely.

Conducted two warehouse surveys. One was 450,000 sf and the other over 120,000 sf. Both will likely result in new designs.

Headed to Missouri to do a planned tower build and some site inspections. After being there a day, lightning struck the main tower and wiped it out. We switched gears and moved to emergency re-build mode. Took a full week but we managed with some very long days in weather that had turned on us.

September 2021: Brokered the sale of two of our WISPs, WiFi troubleshooting survey

Two of the WISPs we manage were sold to Wisper ISP out of Illinois. We brokered the sale and tagged along to assist with the transition efforts and to continue to manage the tower work and network expansion. Great new partnership working with Wisper.

Wrapped up the month with a quick WIFi survey in Washington DC. Will be doing some other facilities for this client in the near future.

August 2021: New client for a WiFi troubleshooting survey, WISP review for buyer

Conducted a trouble shooting survey for a new client that was about to start back up with in-office work. Turned out they needed a new design all-together. Worked on that as well.

On the way back to the office, stopped at a great WISP in the south that was looking to sell. Conducted an inspection and fact finding for the buyer. What a well, designed and run WISP. Nice too see! Here’s to hoping they can agree on terms.

July 2021: Network assessment, wireless link assessment, network repairs

Spent two weeks in Gerlach NV in the Black Rock Desert. Conducted a network assessment, climbed a few mountains looking for suitable relay sites for long links (80 miles to be exact!), and did some network repairs while here. Put up some new 60GHz radios and improved service in a few areas with some better alignments, new cables, and general cleaning up of a network in a very remote area.

June 2021: New client – The Burning Man Project

We have been working with The Burning Man Project in the past to provide resources to help with building the network to support the event in the Black Rock Desert. This summer we took it to a new level and signed on as their network and wireless consulting firm. We will be providing daily operational support to the Gerlach NV area offices and properties as well as the yearly event.