Past Projects

These are some examples of the types of projects we have been involved with over the years.

Design a WiFi Network and Camera System – warehouse

Over 45,000 square feet in size, designed a WiFi network and camera system to cover the entire facility. Ubiquiti access points, switches, and cameras. Provided on-going maintenance and support as a managed service, ensuring the system performed as designed.

Design a WiFi Network – large resort hotel

Over 300,000 square feet and 7 levels. Conference rooms, large gathering areas, spa, outdoor coverage out on a beach. High net-worth type clientele, requiring absolute perfect service, discretion while working, and needed to integrate with the current building design and architecture. Meraki solution.

WiFi Site Surveys – hospital chain

Since 2016 we have surveyed and designed WiFi systems (Cisco) for this chain of hospitals, completing over 30 designs to date. Most have been VOIP and Bluetooth support required.

WiFi Site Surveys – consumer goods manufacturing facilities

Completed two Cisco designs in facilities over 1.2 million square feet each. Warehouse, manufacturing, and office space, plus outdoor coverage.

WiFi Design and Install – large estate

Completed a site survey to design a Ubiquiti system to cover a 9 building estate spread out over 200 acres. High net-worth client requiring discretion, spotless installations blending into the architecture.

WiFi Design and Install – schools

Have designed and installed Ubiquiti networks in several private schools. Variety of solutions including Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Cambium, and Ubiquiti.

Wireless Network Design and Install – large outdoor venue

Designed and installed a wireless network to provide Internet access at a large  outdoor venue. Used Ubiquiti point-to-point and multipoint radios along with their access points. Event venue supports over 10,000 support staff and 70,000 attendees. Very remote and rustic area, essentially off-grid.

Wireless Internet Service Provider – Washington State

Designed and manage a WISP operation currently bringing Internet service to 70 homes and businesses in a rural area. Continuing to expand operations and currently on track to roll out to over 400 new customers over the next year or so.

Wireless Internet Service Provider – Missouri and Arkansas State

Took over the operational management of two failing WISPs in Missouri and Arkansas and rebuilt them. Took them from a combined 300 subscribers to over 750 subscribers in less than 18 months and prepared them for sale. Sourced a buyer and assisted with transition to the buyers network.

Wireless Internet Service Providers – Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico

Currently supporting one WISP in Missouri that we helped fix and get moving in the right direction. Designing and supporting three others. Currently in the implementation stage for the other three.