October 2018: Recruiting and WISP Support

Worked on some recruiting needs for a client this month. Mostly wireless and tower technicians.

Helped a WISP in Saudi Arabia resolve some performance problems by helping them get better alignments and performance tuning the radios. All from the other side of the world.

September 2018: Troubleshooting WiFi and WiFi Site Surveys

While returning from Burning Man, we stopped in Alabama to visit a client we had never met in person. While there, we took care of some issues with their WiFi network. They are a large church with a Ubiquiti based system.

After returning, hopped on a place to San Diego to do another hospital WiFi site survey. Five floors. Pretty big facility with many issues related to channel overlap and interference.

August 2018: Wireless in the desert

Packed up the truck and headed off on an adventure. Helped design, set up, and operate the wireless network at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. About 2 hours north of Reno. In the middle of nowhere.

Spent 6 weeks onsite living in an 8×10 box (with AC!). Helped set up numerous towers, mount and align radios, and ensure the network provided the services we needed. The event network supports the business operations as well as casual access for up to 70,000 people.

Wireless backhaul of 12 miles to the nearest connection to the Internet (which was a microwave link of over 40 miles). Incredible experience working with some of the greatest minds in wireless and networking. Luckily once we had the network operational, we were able to kick back and enjoy the incredible art installations built out there. Once the event was over, we proceeded to tear it all down and pack it away for the next year.

July 2018: Event Venue WiFi

Spent this month setting up a system for a vineyard to support their concert series. Needed to provided WiFi at several locations so they could run credit cards.

Crafted a solution based on Ubiquiti gear. We used AirMax products to project the network wirelessly out to 2500 feet from the building. Then we used UniFi access points on mobile rigs lined back to the main network via the AirMax radios. Great solution, low cost, high ROI.

Plus we got to enjoy Puddle of Mud, Uncle Kracker, and .38 Special at one of the events. Bonus!

April 2018: WiFi Site Surveys

Started the month with a WiFi site survey in New Jersey. Hospital site, over 250,000 square feet. Then down to Florida to do two smaller hospital sites in Gainesville and Miami. Wrapped up the month with a survey of a private estate site (9 buildings on 100 acres) in Seal Harbor ME.

The private estate was especially challenging due to the stone walls and thick floors. We were able to craft a solution that will work for them.

March 2018: Outdoor WiFi Field Surveys, WISPA, Tower Work, HR Support

Busy month with lots of variety… knocked out about 200 field survey sites in Huntington WV for Comcast then headed to WISPA, a conference in Birmingham AL to learn more about Wireless Internet Service.

Great conference. Picked up some great tips to employ in the WISP we manage in Washington State. Made some great industry contacts.

During the month, Dawn took on a consulting project for one of our big clients. She started helping the HR Director with a number of special projects.

Alex wrapped up the month with some tower crew work in Salisbury MD. Mostly project management, but also working with the crew to help them with a number of microwave installs. Cold as all get out on this project but worth it.

December 2017: WiFi Site Surveys, Training, WiFi Install

Started the month off with a WiFi Site Survey for a hospital in Michigan.

Took a week off to attend the CWNA and CWDP training courses (Certified Wireless Network Professionals). Good classes… took them to fill in some blanks and to get a different perspective on wireless networking from peers.

Towards the end of the month we started a WiFi install (Ubiquiti) for a private school in Baltimore MD. We deployed 20 access points in two buildings, installed new switches, controller, and security gateway.

October 2017: Outdoor WiFi Field Surveys

On behalf of one of our clients and Comcast, we spent a good bit of the month working outdoors conducting WiFi field surveys to support the deployment of outdoor WiFi service through Comcast. We were in Somerset PA, York PA, Morgantown WV, Pittsburgh PA, and State College PA. Visited well over 800 sites to validate the virtual surveys.