May 2021: Beach house, WISP design, build out a tower

Started the month off with fixing a residential install in a beach house. It was a poor design by a poor installer. Most APs were barely installed on the ceiling. Outdoor APs were upside down or sideways allowing water in. Corrected these issues and made sure everything was good to go for them.

Started working on another design for a WISP in the south.

Finished up the month working on a tower in the mid-west with a great tower crew. Got some backhauls and sectors up. Basic service until we had more crew available to help with the rest.

April 2021: School WiFi design, tower inspections, new WISP market surveys

Busy month. Started with a design for a private school getting ready to start back up. Typical 1940’s or 50’s design – concrete walls everywhere!

Conducted a number of tower inspections for our WISPs while in transit to other projects.

Conducted market surveys in multiple states for new WISPs that want to start up. Put some miles on the vehicle driving out west past the Rockies.

March 2021: Tower build and WiFi troubleshooting in a school

Working with one of our WISP clients, we started building out a new tower for them. Nice 255ft mounting area, plans to put up two backhaul links and six sectors. Plus pull plenty of cable for future growth. Managed to get part of the work completed before weather shut us down. Will work on rescheduling when weather and crew schedules coincide!

While the tower was being worked on, one of our wireless technicians conducted a troubleshooting survey in a large school and worked with our wireless engineer (on the tower site) to sort out the issues. Over the next few weeks with some adjustments, we were able to help them get their wireless network in order and working the way they intended. Basic channel and power management to avoid interference.

January 2021: New WISP client and a small private school needing help

Providing support for a small WISP in Oregon that is converting to fiber. Ad hoc support to help them through issues, network analysis to see what needs to be done long term to make it to the fiber conversion (2-3 years away).

The small school is an old client. We installed a wireless network for them in 2014. It has served their needs all this time and has proved to be very reliable (Ubiquiti). Installed a few new APs, sorted out where to move some to account for changes in their needs. Started plan for replacement when time comes in a year or so.

October 2020: Anchors aweigh… wireless for the maritime industry and a new WISP

Started the month off with a visit to a major shipyard to design WiFi and wireless solutions to assist with their operations. Then on to scope out a new WISP (wireless internet service provider) in central Texas. From there, on to a major maritime trade school to design a WiFi system for their campus and surrounding properties.

September 2020: Outdoor Event Venue Wireless

Trekked to Redfox KY to build out a wireless network for an outdoor event venue built into a reclaimed strip mine. Connect multiple buildings together with wireless point to point and multipoint radios. Deploy wireless access points in various locations to provide guest and staff access. This is a Ubiquiti solution with UISP and UniFi managing it.

August 2020: WiFi Road Trips

Started the month off with a warehouse WiFi design survey in New Jersey. Traditional AP on a Stick using scissors lifts to temp mount the test APs up high. Carried quite the mix of APs and external Acceltex antennas. Roughly 150,000 square feet.

Next up, another warehouse in Connecticut. This should have been a one day validation survey. Arrived to find the electricians had not finished deploying the APs yet. All the APs were up and mounted, but they were still pulling wires. The prime asked us to take charge of the wiring project which we did. Had to fix a lot of poor crimps and punch downs. Test all lines, dress them up, and aim antennas properly. Most were installed backwards or pointing into the racks. Ran out of clean clothing and available time after 4 days. Came back a few days later to finish the original project, the validation survey.

When we got back we headed to Maryland to a large private high school. About 1 week before they were to re-open, their controller died, leaving them without a wireless network. Did a very fast predictive design based on testing onsite and turned around the results in a few short days so they could properly deploy their new APs and system. Then followed up with a more detailed report for them to implement when they had more time and needed to finish the design up.

June 2020: Road trip to Florida – WiFi work

First stop, Daytona. Warehouse design survey. Traditional AP on a Stick design. About 100,000sf.

Next stop, Naples. Visiting a managed services client. Needed some repairs to the network. While there, check weather seals on outdoor gear, clean out the dust from the gear.

Then back to the home area in Pennsylvania and took care of deploying some new network lines in a church as someone damaged the ones we previously ran. Repaired their phone system as well (typical poor Verizon install).

March 2020: New WISPs Under Management

This month we added two more WISPs to our management efforts.

Both in the Branson MO area join our growing list of WISPs we manage / oversee. Both will need a good deal of work to get them to a stable point and to get them on an expansion path.