Nov 2016: Started Healthcare Facility WiFi Surveys

This month we started surveying healthcare facilities to design a WiFi system capable of supporting a VOIP phone system. Challenging environments as they are full of RF from other WiFi systems.

Oct 2016: Public Transportation System WiFi Surveys

This month we started a series of WiFi surveys for several different public transportation systems in the country. Mostly outdoor facilities without WiFi currently (or minimal coverage). Surveyed and made recommendations for improvements as needed. System needed to support pulling fare card information from bus / train as it passed through a station / depot.

Aug 2016: Process Improvement Consulting

Started a few different efforts for one client to help them decide on the correct way to manage client network documentation, manage their incoming help desk tickets, and manage tasks / projects. Reviewed many different cloud products during this process after we settled on what the internal processes should be.

Sampling of the products we looked at: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Citrix Fileshare, ZenDesk, FreshDesk, HappyFox, Asana, BaseCamp, and Teamwork.

Jul 2016: Started working on a Wireless Internet Service Provider project – bringing Internet to rural PA

Started working on an effort to hopefully bring higher speed wireless broadband service to underserved communities in south central PA. There are many areas in the state with little to no Internet access. This effort requires major changes in regulations to allow small firms like our to compete in areas where the big guys won’t serve (but yet block our efforts).

This is a long term effort. Will take several years to make it happen. Nothing moves fast when it comes to government regulations!


Apr 2016: New service: Recruiting

Capitalizing on our past recruiting experience and knowledge of the information technology market, we have started recruiting for select clients. We are focusing on tech candidates: application developers, system administrators, network engineers, project managers, wireless engineers, cell tower crew members, business development / sales types, and mid-level managers.

Jan 2016: Point-to-Point or Multi-Point WiFi solutions




We recently built and tested a point-to-point WiFi solution that can also be used as a point-to-multi-point solution to support remote offices, campus settings, or the need to project WiFi further than traditionally capable.

  • Range on this solution is up to 9 miles
  • Throughput rated over 450Mbps
  • Hardware costs were under $2000
  • No FCC license required

Greater distances are available, upwards of 120 miles. Of course the obvious challenge there is maintaining a line of sight.

Jan 2016: Surveying for potential fiber routes

Currently conducting survey work in the Doylestown, Pottstown, Reading, Ephrata, Lancaster, York, and Hanover area to select potential fiber routes to serve businesses in those areas. This is in support of a project that will bring a new fiber backbone from New York to Virginia by way of a more “inland” route through New Jersey, into Pennsylvania, down to Maryland, and then into Virginia, avoiding the traditional I-95 corridor.

These business routes are preliminary, targeting key employers in the above mentioned areas. Work consists of pre-planning the routes via mapping software with overlays of utility poles. Then the routes are driven to ensure the poles and businesses are where they say they are.

Jan 2016: Conducted two extensive WiFi surveys

In January we conducted two extensive WiFi surveys and system designs for a client in New York. One was in a building that covered over 150,000 square feet with large open areas, thick glass walls, exposed ceilings with large amounts of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical conduits exposed. The other was on a large estate the owned, with multiple buildings ranging in age from 40 to over 240 years old.

Both sites presented unique challenges to provide the level of coverage they desire. The estate requires outdoor coverage and for that we designed a base/remote system based on Ubiquiti products that will allow us to extend WiFi up to 9 miles (although we only need to go about a thousand feet). Speeds at this distance will exceed 450Mbps.

Sep 2015: Continuing support on a major WiFi design

Collabsion continues to provide support to BIG Wireless (York PA) and Comcast for their Outdoor WiFi program. Crews from Collabsion are helping to survey suitable sites for the outdoor WiFi units. In addition, Collabsion provides project management services to support the effort and conduct training, plant mapping, and field surveys as needed. This is a multi-year effort.

Since September 2014, crews from Collabsion have designed over 16,000 sites in areas such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, Albuquerque, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Philadelphia, Florida, Nashville, Memphis, Jackson, Little Rock, and many more.

Jan 2015: WiFi System Design and Install

Collabsion conducted a WiFi survey for a senior living facility spread out over five floors, two buildings, and covering over 300,000 square feet. Construction types varied throughout the facility. Using the results of the survey, we proposed a new WiFi system using 40 Ubiquiti UAP-Pro units. We were awarded the installation and recently completed this effort. Coverage expectations were exceeded in all areas.

Ubiquiti NetSpotFluke