VFIS Driver Training Programs (EVOC/EVDT)

We have two instructors that can present driver safety training programs based on the VFIS program. We offer the Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (EVDT) and Highway Safety programs. We can also run a refresh type program for EVDT.

In order to run the EVDT course, you will need a large parking lot (300ft x 300ft ideal) and between 80 and 120 cones. If you have less than this, we can probably come up with a workable solution.

EVDT is a 16 hour program. We can run it as a two evening, one Saturday or Sunday class, or we can run it as a two weekend days class. Good weather makes it a better class.

The Highway Safety program can be run over a couple of evenings or a full day.

Contact us to make arrangements to bring these programs to you.