January 2019: WiFi Site Surveys

One hospital in Atlanta… tough design. Needed to support Bluetooth and every room had concrete walls all around and metal doors everywhere. Cisco will love this purchase!

After Atlanta we headed north to Massachusetts to work with another team doing a WiFi site survey in another manufacturing plant. Surveyed warehouse space, outdoors, offices, and production areas. Spent time duck walking an entire area so we could survey the “mezzanine” that was full of very hot pipes full of steam and water. Had fun doing the outdoor work including surveying around their “tank farm” with over 40,000 gallons of iso-pentane. The smoking lamp was out. Had to be very careful our equipment did not ignite any floating fumes. When we finished we had walked an average of 8 miles per day for 10 days and had surveyed 600,000 square ft indoors and another 400,000 outdoors.

To end the month, we headed south to Jacksonville FL. We were there to survey an aircraft maintenance, repair, and operations facility. Four buildings at over 1,000,000 square ft under roof and over 500,000 square ft outdoors on the ramps. We did some interesting modeling of how WiFi does in an airplane fuselage. We tested two versions of a Boeing 757. One set up for cargo and one for passengers. We needed to design a system that would project the WiFi network into the plane while it was in the hanger or on the ramp. No wires allowed.

Our design uses Ubiquiti AirMax technology to bridge the network out to a WiFi access point (Cisco or Ubiquiti) inside the plane. We surveyed hangers, warehouses, paint booths, office space, and the ramps.