July 2019: Road Trip Summer, WiFi and camera system install, event wireless, troubleshooting and designing networks

At the end of June and into July, we helped a winery in NJ fix some major performance problems with their Ubiquiti network. This included replacing a PtP wireless link between buildings, sorting our channel management issues, and implementing a guest portal.

We started the month with a road trip. When finished in September, we will have toured 26 states (give or take), 11,000 miles, crossing every time zone. Started the tour with 4 projects. Picked up three more along the way.

First major project is in Naples Florida. Installed a WiFi and camera system consisting of 16 Ubiquiti cameras (indoors and out), 19 Ubiquiti wireless access points. Plus three switches (1 MDF and 2 IDFs), Meraki security appliance, and building custom mounts for the APs. Install was a success and now we are in maintenance and support mode for the next few years.

Left Naples and headed across the south to Phoenix AZ where we conducted a WiFi site survey in a hospital. Finished that work up as we drove to Mattawa WA next.

In Mattawa we visited Nighthawk Networks, a wireless internet service provider (WISP) we manage remotely. Visited the tower sites, helped with some difficult alignments, and made some configuration changes. Great to finally meet the crew on the ground and see the area. We have been working remotely for 2 years.

While traveling, we also remotely resolved some performance issues for two residential installs of Ubiquiti networks.

Our next destination was Gerlach NV, home of Burning Man. We spent 7 weeks there working with a great team of network experts building and maintaining the wireless network that supports the event. Everything is wireless. It takes an 11-mile wireless link to get Internet to the desert. It takes a network of radios on site to distribute the service. This is our second year working with them.

On the way back from the desert, we worked on a wireless network troubleshooting project for a client in Boston. We found the issues they were having with outside and inside interference and presented them with a mitigation plan.

Finally back in our area on September 21… what a magnificent road trip seeing the country.