August 2020: WiFi Road Trips

Started the month off with a warehouse WiFi design survey in New Jersey. Traditional AP on a Stick using scissors lifts to temp mount the test APs up high. Carried quite the mix of APs and external Acceltex antennas. Roughly 150,000 square feet.

Next up, another warehouse in Connecticut. This should have been a one day validation survey. Arrived to find the electricians had not finished deploying the APs yet. All the APs were up and mounted, but they were still pulling wires. The prime asked us to take charge of the wiring project which we did. Had to fix a lot of poor crimps and punch downs. Test all lines, dress them up, and aim antennas properly. Most were installed backwards or pointing into the racks. Ran out of clean clothing and available time after 4 days. Came back a few days later to finish the original project, the validation survey.

When we got back we headed to Maryland to a large private high school. About 1 week before they were to re-open, their controller died, leaving them without a wireless network. Did a very fast predictive design based on testing onsite and turned around the results in a few short days so they could properly deploy their new APs and system. Then followed up with a more detailed report for them to implement when they had more time and needed to finish the design up.